SESYCARE: Social Entrepreneurship Skills for Young Carers of People with Chronic Diseases (3-day training in the Netherlands)

The program:

On 26, 27 and 28 February 2022 our partner from the Netherlands organised a 3-day training activity in Leiden, in the collaborative multi-purpose space Area071. The Sesycare training contributed to the capacity building of staff and stakeholders. During the workshops at Leiderdorp the focus was on the principles of non-formal education and the goal of integrating young carers through social entrepreneurship.

From carer to social entrepreneur

The process for a caregiver to become a social entrepreneur can be done gradually, step by step. Learning can be challenging, even for the smartest and most motivated young caregiver/social entrepreneur. There are four key stages to learning, known as self-directed learning:

  1. Readiness and motivation to become a social entrepreneur.
  2. Defining the goals of a social entrepreneur.
  3. Participation in the social entrepreneurship process.
  4. Evaluation of social entrepreneurship learning.

Area071 study visit

During our stay we had the opportunity to visit businesses that have their headquarters in Area071.

Site director and co-founder of AREA071, Mr Bart Hoenen, shared with us his experience in working with young entrepreneurs and vulnerable groups. Mr. Hoenen mentioned partnerships with Leiden University and the Leiden Biophysics Park , which “seeks ways to make animal and human life healthier and longer lasting”.

This Dutch business incubator provides solutions that have a huge impact on the well-being of all of us. These could be drug innovations, but also medical instruments or a new technology that does not yet exist.

Some facts about Area071:

  1. It was established in 2012 as a hybrid business incubator (Incubator).
  2. Programme and support.
  3. Started with 1500m2 of open workspace.
  4. Community: Areanauten.
  5. Strong links with education and research.
  6. Regional councils.
  7. Growth to 8000 m2.
  8. Meeting rooms and mini conference centre.
  9. Diversity.
  10. One of the largest start-up stations in the Netherlands.

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

On the 3rd day of the training, the partner provided training on the Erasmus programme for young entrepreneurs. Andreas Stefanidis, President of the Academy of Entrepreneurship (Greece) explained how social entrepreneurs in the European Union can benefit from this programme for future entrepreneurs.

In addition, Dr.Öğr.Üyesi AMAN SADO ELEMO gave a presentation (Psychological Elements of Social Entrepreneurship) on the psychological aspects of social entrepreneurship for people with disabilities or young caregivers.

Sesycare: Capacity building through video entrepreneurship

During the Leiden workshops we also talked about inspiration and how to turn dreams into ideas and ideas into beginnings. A very inspiring video is Moonshot Thinking: why aim for 10% when you can aim for a 10X increase? Instead of a simple 10% gain, a moon-shot aims for a 10X improvement over what exists today. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution to that problem, and the revolutionary technology that can make that solution possible is the essence of a moon-shot.

Inside the mind of a super-procrastinator

TED talk was presented which innovatively illustrates what the mind of an procrastinator looks like and what procrastination means and entails: Enjoy!

Practical Guide for participants: SESYCARE Netherlands

Programme: SESYCARE 26 – 28/02/22

Dutch Sesycare Training Days

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