Invitation to a training seminar – Skills Clubs | Youth skills for the 21st century

Dear educators.

We would like to invite you to experience our new programme “Skills Clubs | Youth Skills for the 21st Century” and participate in one of the next trainings.


What is the Skills Club? 

Skills Clubs aims to support students (aged 14-18) to develop skills that will help them to foster their understanding of social innovation, active citizenship and entrepreneurship, while empowering them for their future integration into the labour market and society. The programme is implemented in cooperation with the Ioannis S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.

Taking the baton from our previous similar educational programmes, and combining the basic skills methodology with workshops implemented within the school, “Skills Clubs” aims to develop and strengthen basic skills that are essential in the fields of work and society, which will create a solid foundation for young people and become their compass towards social change and inclusion.


Training seminars for teachers and how you can take part

As part of the project, we will implement a series of training seminars for teachers on core skills (“Core Skills”) based on the “Skills Builder” tool , which enables us to break down the skills into practical steps that we can teach and assess.

Through this workshop, teachers will be introduced to this tool and learn in practice how they can use it to assess the following skills for their students:

  • Listening: how we take in, retain and process ideas and information.
  • Speaking: How we verbally communicate information and ideas.
  • Problem solving: How we find solutions to difficulties and challenges.
  • Creativity: How we use our imagination to generate new ideas.
  • Leadership: How we support, encourage and help develop other people to achieve a common goal.
  • Teamwork: How we work with other individuals to achieve a common goal.

The seminars, which are four two-hour digital sessions, will take place in February and certificates of attendance will be provided.


You can register through the link HERE.


After the training seminar, what?

After the training course, you have the following options:

  • Complete the training here and receive a certificate of participation by completing a short evaluation questionnaire. Your feedback is important for us to improve the programme.
  • To implement the SkillsClubs programme on social innovation in your classroom with the help of our own trainer. This programme is four hours of teaching time, and has its own training materials to which you will have full access.
  • Implement the SkillsClubs for Social Innovation programme yourself in your own time. We can provide you with personalised guidance (mentoring) as well as all the training material.
  • Form your school team, take part in the national competition in May 2022 and compete for one of the big prizes.


At your disposal.

Yours sincerely,

Vangelis Kravvaritis


Vangelis Kravvaritis | Education and Society Programme Manager | Education and Society

British Council | 17 Kolonaki sq. | Athens | 10673 | Greece


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