Webinar on Social Cooperatives and Young Caregivers

We enhance the access of young carers to social entrepreneurship #caregivers

Social Cooperatives and caregivers – European Program Erasmus + #SESYCARE (www.sesycare.eu) ❗️

EPIONI and Anemos Renovation in collaboration with the University of West Attica (Department of Public and Community Health, community health dep.) in the framework of their cooperation for the access of # caregivers with chronic diseases to information about social entrepreneurship, organize an online meeting on social entrepreneurship opportunities aimed at young carers in Greece and the needs of political reform.

Friday 18 December 2020

13.00-13.40 CET

Session in Greek

☑️ Mr Nikos Chrysogelos, former MEP
☑️ Mr Andreas Stefanidis, President of the Academy of Entrepreneurship
☑️  Mr Vangelis Kravvaritis, Head of Educational Programs, British Council.
☑️ Mrs Chrysoula Papadopoulou,  Social Cooperative Diaplous
☑️ Christos Prapas, Lecturer of Applications, Laboratory of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Department of Public and Community Health of the School of Public Health of the University of West Attica.

❗️ To register, fill in the form and you will be sent the link to watch via Zoom the morning of the same day. ❗️

The online event is supported by the EU Erasmus+ program.
We warmly thank the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (I.NE.DI.VI.M.)

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